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5 Things You Can Do to Get Positive Political Results in a Soul-Numbing, Negative Media World (w/ links to tools & resources)

Feeling overwhelmed by political news, editorial rants and talking heads? Want to become politically active but not sure where to start?

In this latest article at my Worth Sharing site, I review some specific actions that anyone can all take to step out of the negative shadows and into the positive light.  It includes lots of tools, links to helpful resources and more!  Consider it a job aid and a self-study guide for the would-be activist!

Get your mind right, your facts straight… then get active!

New Blog Post & Video: “Clarisketch: Narrate & Annotate Pictures for Teaching or Team Collaboration”

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Check out this new post at my WORTH SHARING website:

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Other Voices: Important Blog Posts You May Have Missed

Every once in a while I come across a great blog post that leaves me saying, “I wish I had written that!”  Here are three recent examples that you might find enlightening! Enjoy!

Teaching with Evernote: A 6th and 8th Grade Science Teacher Shares His Top Tips

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3 Years Later: Common Craft’s “IN PLAIN ENGLISH” Videos Are Still Going Strong

This month marks the 3rd anniversary of The Best Free Training. Throughout this month, I’m going to revisit some of the great free training providers we featured in our first few months of publishing. The object of the game: to share what’s new with these providers, to see why they are still thriving, and to remind you that they are still out there for you, providing some of the best free training and education you can find anywhere.

First up: Common Craft’s “IN PLAIN ENGLISH” Videos

Common Craft website

(Common Craft's IN PLAIN ENGLISH VIDEOS pack lots of learning into a couple of minutes!)

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Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn: Free Training & More

Topic: How to use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
Format: Web-based introductory tutorials and more
Reviewer/email: Mike G – greers_pm@yahoo.com

Have you been avoiding any of these great free social media tools because you can’t figure out where to start? Or, worse, have you signed up for them and find yourself clicking around aimlessly, wondering how to use them to accomplish your goals? Then it’s about time you for you to become more systematic in your self-teaching approach and take advantage of some of the free online training and info available for these products.  In this post, we’ll briefly review some of these resources.

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Common Craft: Tiny Videos, Powerful Explanations

Topic: Overviews of technology-related topics, finance, and more
Format: Website featuring ultra-brief (under 5 minutes!) videos that are uniquely animated, fun, and filled with big ideas.
Reviewer/email: Mike G – greers_pm@yahoo.com

So how much content can you cram into 5 minutes (or less) of video…. and still have powerful, clear explanations? You can see for yourself at the amazing Common Craft website! It’s recently been completely reworked and has a great, easy-to-use new interface.

If you want tight (and fun) little explanations of all sorts of complex topics, then you gotta check this site. And if you are a video producer or a trainer, you need to see what these guys are up to! They set the bar very high indeed for quick, clean, efficient, and effective training tools!

I’m a big fan of Common Craft and have reviewed several Common Craft videos on this blog in recent months. And they are all amazing, fun, and information-packed.

You’ll find links to my past reviews, as well as a complete list of all Common Craft videos available at the website, below:

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Promote Your Business with Social Networking

Topic: All about social networking tools and how to use them to promote your business
Format: Web-based text lessons, links to samples & examples, quizzes, assignments, message boards. Downloadable as PDF. (Free registration required.)
Reviewer/email: Mike G – greers_pm@yahoo.com

So… Is your business using SMO (social media optimization) to encourage viral marketing, social bookmarking, traffic to your blogs and websites, and customer or brand loyalty? Do your potential customers or suppliers follow your tweets on Twitter? And is your blog or website sufficiently “sticky,” while employing widgets, chicklets, feeds, and other social network tools? If you said “No” to most of the preceding questions… or if you said, “HUH???….” to some of the terms used, then you need this course!

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