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24 Must-Have, Everyday Workhorse Apps

Top 24 apps (logos shown clockwise from 7 o’clock): Timely, Accuweather, Gmail, Podcast Addict, Google Voice, Google Hangouts Dialer, Hiya Caller ID & Block, Google Keep, SimpleMind, MindMeister, Floating Stickies, Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, Wunderlist, Google Maps, Feedly, Puffin, Xodo PDF, FBReader, Pocket, Google Photos, Fast for Facebook, Twilight, Atmosphere

[Many of these apps will help you learn more stuff, consume training content better and generally upgrade your productivity! So while they all aren’t exactly training, many will be a great help in your quest to be a better self-directed learner. Enjoy!]

If you’re like me, your mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) is loaded with apps. In fact, I’ve just checked and discovered that I’ve got hundreds installed! And that left me wondering, “How many of these things do I need? Which of these do I depend on every day?”

After some reflection, I came up with a list of my “24 must-have, everyday workhorse apps.” And, to the extent that they keep me personally productive, they help me be a better project manager and team member.  Most are FREE or have free versions available. See the complete list with brief descriptions at my WORTH SHARING site.

Worth a Second Look: My 8 Favorite Posts from 2016

Image/link to my WORTH SHARING website's "8 Favorite Posts from 2016"


Got time off? Relax and re-energize with free books, magazines & podcasts!


Got workaholic tendencies? Then maybe it’s time to take a break! Whether you’re vacationing or simply enjoying a day at the beach, these link-filled articles can help you connect with some great tools & media that will help you shift gears, http://www.cheapambienpriceonline.com re-energize and maybe even reclaim that long-lost enthusiasm.


Worth a Second Look: My 10 Favorite Articles & Videos from 2015

Check out these highlights from my 2015 publications!

Check out these highlights from my 2015 publications!

Grace: A Powerful Video Search & Study Tool

Image: Video-Thumbnail-w-Smiley

My latest post at my WORTH SHARING website provides a summary review and video tour of  “Grace – Learn What You Love.” Grace is a free Android app that can help self-directed learners navigate zillions of online videos & study them more effectively. Check it out!

Teach Yourself How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep!


My latest post at my WORTH SHARING website is loaded with links that will help you learn all about the field of sleep medicine, some free where to buy provigil in india apps that can help you assess the quality of your sleep and some other tools to help you improve your overall sleep quality. Check it out!

Free Guide to E-Learning Best Practices and Online College Success

Cover image: Guide to        E-Learning Best Practices and Online College Success

Wondering what online education (e-learning) is all about… and if it’s a good choice for you? The good people at Affordable Colleges (AC) Online have created this free, well-documented, 22-page guide will help you answer these and lots more questions.

From the Guide’s Introduction (my bold added):

We interviewed experts in online learning at top universities, as well as at organizations dedicated to the advancement of online learning and to the promotion best practices. This guidebook is the result and it will help you:
* Better understand the concept of e-learning, including keys to success, critical mistakes to avoid, important concepts, and how-tos.
Understand how e-learning can be individualized, including options for students with disabilities, working adults, and K – 2 students.
Debunk many of the myths and misconceptions about online learning.”

As you can see from the Table of Contents (below), the Guide covers a lot of ground. And it does so concisely and authoritatively. This is a “must read” for anyone considering any online or e-learning experiences!

Table of Contents:

  • Types of Online Learning
  • Benefits of Online Learning
  • The Online Learning Experience
  • Who is Best Suited for Online Learning?
  • Choosing an Online Learning College or Program
  • Online Learning for Disabled Students
  • International Online Study
  • K-12 Online Learning
  • Online Learning Technology
  • Tips for Online Learning Success
  • Financial Aid for Online Learning
  • Additional Resources
  • Glossary of Terms

Click here to go to the E-Learning Best Practices and Online College Success ( http://www.affordablecollegesonline.org/online-colleges-guide/ )

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