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Got time off? Relax and re-energize with free books, magazines & podcasts!


Got workaholic tendencies? Then maybe it’s time to take a break! Whether you’re vacationing or simply enjoying a day at the beach, these link-filled articles can help you connect with some great tools & media that will help you shift gears, http://www.cheapambienpriceonline.com re-energize and maybe even reclaim that long-lost enthusiasm.


Turn Any Ebook into an Audiobook with FBReader & Ivona Text to Speech (TTS)

This video shows how to set up and use the free apps FBReader & Ivona TTS engine to turn ANY ebook into an audiobook! You’ll learn how you can kick back and close your eyes, while your tablet or smartphone reads that ebook to you through your headphones or speakers. Which means you can “read” with your ears while bouncing around on a bus, driving to work, standing in line at the bank or supermarket or just NYGoodHealth hanging out in your favorite recliner. How cool is that?

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Pocket: Captures & Reads Web Pages Aloud, Offline with Text to Speech!

This video shows how to set up and use the incredibly powerful Pocket app (formerly “Read It Later”) to:

  • Capture web pages to read and study offline on your tablet or smart phone, and
  • Use Pocket’s Text to Speech (TTS) feature when you are offline to have the app read the article out loud to you, using your device’s headphones or speakers.

With Pocket you can study web pages full of text while you’re driving, bouncing along in a bus or simply relaxing with your eyes closed in your buy modafinil nyc favorite easy chair. No internet connection needed!

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Video Tour of Netvibes: A Power Tool for Self-Directed Learning & Research

Topic:   An overview of Netvibes (an alternative to iGoogle & Google Reader) & how to use it to support research & self-directed learning
Format:  Website that aggregates (collects) RSS feeds (i.e, the latest publications of articles & posts) from blogs and news-oriented websites and allows access from any device (computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.)
Reviewer/email: Mike G – greers_pm@yahoo.com

This video tour of Netvibes shows: 1) how it supports self-directed learning & research by keeping you laser-focused on your chosen topics, and 2) how you can set up your own Netvibes internet “dashboard” that you can access from your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

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Get to Know Your Outlook Calendar

Topic: Microsoft Outlook 2003 (Calendar)
Format: Self-study with screen shots, audio, sample file downloads and hands-on practice (about 1/2 hour)
Reviewer/email: Mike G – greers_pm@yahoo.com

Wow! This brief freebie online training package from Microsoft is well-designed and full-featured! Note: The training covers the full version of Outlook 2003 (part of Microsoft Office), not the free Outlook Express that comes with Windows. (Continued in Comment.)