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5 Things You Can Do to Get Positive Political Results in a Soul-Numbing, Negative Media World (w/ links to tools & resources)

Feeling overwhelmed by political news, editorial rants and talking heads? Want to become politically active but not sure where to start?

In this latest article at my Worth Sharing site, I review some specific actions that anyone can all take to step out of the negative shadows and into the positive light.  It includes lots of tools, links to helpful resources and more!  Consider it a job aid and a self-study guide for the would-be activist!

Get your mind right, your facts straight… then get active!

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Got workaholic tendencies? Then maybe it’s time to take a break! Whether you’re vacationing or simply enjoying a day at the beach, these link-filled articles can help you connect with some great tools & media that will help you shift gears, http://www.cheapambienpriceonline.com re-energize and maybe even reclaim that long-lost enthusiasm.


Worth a Second Look: My 10 Favorite Articles & Videos from 2015

Check out these highlights from my 2015 publications!

Check out these highlights from my 2015 publications!

Happy Holidays! Two Free Gifts Loaded with Free Training Reviews & Links!

Hurry! These gifts will be gone by the end of the 2008 Holiday Season!

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Abraham Maslow & His Self-Actualizing Individual

Topic: Abraham Maslow’s research on the self-actualizing individual
Format: 25-minute MP3 download
Reviewer/email: Mike G – greers_pm@yahoo.com

Almost everyone is familiar with Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow gave us the term “self actualization” and did substantial research on “self actualizing individuals.” According to Wikepedia: “Maslow studied, what he called, exemplary people such as Albert Einstein, Jane Addams, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Frederick Douglass rather than mentally ill or neurotic buy modafinil fast shipping people…” His mission, according to Brian Johnson (author and narrator of this free audio) was to “to ‘understand great people, the best specimens mankind’ he could find while inspiring people to become a self-actualized individual.” In this free MP3 audio download, Brian reviews Maslow’s 19 characteristics of self-actualizing people and challenges us all to adopt some of these to be all we can be.
LearnOutLoud Listing Maslow
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Free Spiritual Caffeine from Brian Johnson

If you’re poking around in this blog, there’s a good chance you’re interested in learning something new. That little voice inside that wants you to GROW has brought you here… So what are you waiting for? Are you “stuck?” If so, maybe what you need is a brief, daily exposure to one of Brian Johnson’s eclectic collections of “concentrated wisdom for the busy self-actualizer!”

What caffeine does for your brain’s synapses, thinkArete.com will do for your spirit. Want to start you day with a quick inspirational video? You’ll find 24 of them here… some wildly edgy, some beautiful… but most of them will get you moving. Need a “big idea” to get you in focus? You’ll find a whole collection of quick-click gems here, organized by author… Wayne Dyer, Carlos Castaneda, Socrates, Jesus, Dalai Lama, Shakespeare, Nietzsche and loads more. Prefer to have your big ideas delivered to you? Then sign up for the free “Big Ideas” newsletter and start every day with a new “big idea.”

As you can tell from the list of names above, Brian’s not working any particular ideological agenda. He just wants to nag you until you “Grow. Stretch yourself. Rip off the tie. Jump out of the cubicle. Dream. Think. Dare to be crazy… Change the world. Push the human race forward.” So accept the challenge! [reviewer: Mike G; greers_pm@yahoo.com]


UPDATE:  This website may no longer exist. Please see my review of Brian’s latest work at: