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Coming Soon! Free Webinar on Agile Deployment of Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Trying to develop a project-based organization? Check out this buy modafinil china latest listing at my Project Management FREEBIES website:

Linked Image: Project Mgt. FREEBIES listing: "Webinar: ITM-Agile-Deployment of PPM"

Update: 47 New Listings at Project Management FREEBIES!

[“Last year I announced the launch of my new website, Project Management FREEBIES.  Since this site launched, it has accumulated a substantial list of absolutely free training materials, white papers, templates, and more that can help project managers learn their trade more quickly and easily. If you’re trying to teach yourself PM, then check it out!”  — Mike G., the publisher of this website, The Best Free Training.]

Project Management FREEBIES website

Project Management FREEBIES website:  http://michaelgreer.biz/pmfreebies

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Project Management FREEBIES: A New Website is Born!

Topic:  Project Management (PM) and related support tools, information, etc.
Format: Website with brief summaries and links to free PM articles, “white papers,” podcasts/webinars, templates/tools, PM software products, & training
Reviewer/email: Mike G – greers_pm@yahoo.com

Project Management FREEBIES website

Project Management FREEBIES website: http://michaelgreer.biz/pmfreebies

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