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5 Things You Can Do to Get Positive Political Results in a Soul-Numbing, Negative Media World (w/ links to tools & resources)

Feeling overwhelmed by political news, editorial rants and talking heads? Want to become politically active but not sure where to start?

In this latest article at my Worth Sharing site, I review some specific actions that anyone can all take to step out of the negative shadows and into the positive light.  It includes lots of tools, links to helpful resources and more!  Consider it a job aid and a self-study guide for the would-be activist!

Get your mind right, your facts straight… then get active!

Worth a Second Look: My 8 Favorite Posts from 2016

Image/link to my WORTH SHARING website's "8 Favorite Posts from 2016"


Free PDF: Why It’s Pointless to Argue About Politics or Religion

.. And Why You Should Look to the Clouds for Answers

[I published this several years ago, just in time for the holidays. Decided to make it a regular seasonal “rerun.” I hope you enjoy it, share it with your more argumentative friends & relatives and remember to play nice at all those holiday parties! — MG]

Image: Why It's Pointless to Argue Politics or Religion...

Do you find yourself facing a bunch of holiday parties with people whose political or religious perspectives might be drastically different from your own? Are you dreading those inevitable arguments?  This article provides some perspective on:

  • The weird and wonderful ways our political and religious views evolve, including:
    • The Happy Face Version
    • The Waterfall Version
  • Why we inevitably clash when we try to argue about politics or religion
  • Why it’s pointless to argue about politics or religion
  • How you might become an amateur anthropologist and try to see into the “cloud” of personal experiences that make up the other guy’s political or religious vision
  • Specific suggestions and Challenges for dealing with your next political or religious argument

Click here to download the entire 9-page PDF (with 6 graphic illustrations).

(Note: This article, largely because of its several somewhat-complicated & whimsical graphics, didn’t seem to lend itself to the usual audio podcast or blog post.  The PDF file presents all these elements in a single, easy to read document. Hope you like it!)

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Free Mental & Spiritual Makeover, Part 2: Inspired Project Teams Podcasts

Topic: Team building, managing project teams, personal growth, philosophy
Podcasts & matching blog posts
Reviewer/email: Mike G – greers_pm@yahoo.com

[Disclaimer: I write & maintain the Inspired Project Teams website & podcasts. – MG]

My last post focused on some free tools to help with your mental and spiritual makeover as an individual. In this post, we highlight some free podcasts and blog posts that provide “enduring wisdom & guided challenges to help project teams achieve their best.”

Note: These podcasts aren’t only useful for project teams. You can use them to help with a mental and spiritual makeover within your family, your PTA, your soccer team, or simply that group of friends that has become a bit dysfunctional! Here’s how: As you listen to the podcasts and review the suggested team Challenges, whenever you hear the phrase “project team” or “team member,” just mentally replace it with “family” or “family member.” After all, people are people, whether they are working together  on the job or simply trying to get things done together by working on a home or civic project!

Inspired Project Teams Podcasts

(Read more below about specific Challenges & my favorite Inspired Project Teams podcasts.)

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Educate Yourself: Are the March 2010 Health Care Reform Laws Good for America?

Topic:  March 2010 Health Care Reform Laws (political, moral, ethical)
Format: Unbiased, balanced pro/con format website that collects & presents both sides of issues
Reviewer/email: Mike G – greers_pm@yahoo.com

ProCon.Org -- Are the March 2010 federal health care reform laws good for America?

If you’re tired of wading through the rants of biased bloggers and media talkers, ProCon.org is ready to help you get the facts about the March 2010 US federal health care reform laws. So educate yourself and obtain some solid, unbiased, self-study material about this important landmark legislation. Continue reading

Project Vote Smart – Learn About Your Candidates

Topic: Candidate & officeholder biographies, voting records, issue positions, interest group ratings, campaign finances
Format: website and telephone hotline
Mike G – greers_pm@yahoo.com

Did you ever wish you could just get the facts about a candidate or political office holder… without the spin… without the emotion-charged talk show babble or the imagery of media ads for and against? Project Vote Smart: The Voter’s Self-Defense System will give you the spin-free facts: biographies, voting records, positions on issues, ratings by interest groups, how their campaigns are financed, and more. And everything is checked 5 times to make sure all the facts are verified. So do your own “self-study” training on your candidates and public officials. Then help take charge of your democracy! (Continued in Comment.)

Open Yale Courses from Yale University

Open Yale Courses has made seven semester-long courses available in their entirety for anyone, anywhere to engage — absolutely free. Course titles include:

  • Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics with Professor Charles Bailyn [24 lessons]
  • Modern Poetry with Professor Langdon Hammer [25 lessons]
  • Death with Professor Shelly Kagan [26 lessons]
  • Fundamentals of Physics with Professor Ramamurti Shankar [24 lessons]
  • Introduction to Political Philosophy with Professor Steven B. Smith [24 lessons]
  • Introduction to Psychology with Professor Paul Bloom [20 lessons]
  • Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) with Professor Christine Hayes [24 lessons]

OK. This material is not highly focused, task-oriented training. It is broad, deep, and powerful education. Open Yale is well-designed and worth investigating.

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