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Worth a Second Look: My 8 Favorite Posts from 2016

Image/link to my WORTH SHARING website's "8 Favorite Posts from 2016"


Got time off? Relax and re-energize with free books, magazines & podcasts!


Got workaholic tendencies? Then maybe it’s time to take a break! Whether you’re vacationing or simply enjoying a day at the beach, these link-filled articles can help you connect with some great tools & media that will help you shift gears, re-energize and maybe even reclaim that long-lost enthusiasm.


Free Yoga Classes at DoYogaWithMe.Com

Here’s a quick (9 minute) video tour of the DoYogaWithMe website, a great place for free, high quality yoga instructional videos. From the website:

DoYogaWithMe.com is a free, constantly expanding resource of online yoga videos created by a passionate group of experienced instructors. Our yoga videos include classes, poses, breathing techniques and anatomy videos…. Every one of our hundreds of HD videos can be viewed in its entirety without payment. You don’t even have to sign up. The site is supported by donations, by sales of DVDs, downloads, programs, and advertising…Welcome and namaste!” — http://www.doyogawithme.com

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Free 6-Minute Video Helps You Train Yourself in Mindfulness Meditation

“Look at a tree, a flower, a plant. Let your awareness rest upon it. How still they are, how deeply rooted in Being. Allow nature to teach you stillness.” — Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks

Take a Break: A Mindfulness Meditation in the PA Countryside from PM Minimalist.

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Free Mental & Spiritual Makeover, Part 2: Inspired Project Teams Podcasts

Topic: Team building, managing project teams, personal growth, philosophy
Podcasts & matching blog posts
Reviewer/email: Mike G – greers_pm@yahoo.com

[Disclaimer: I write & maintain the Inspired Project Teams website & podcasts. – MG]

My last post focused on some free tools to help with your mental and spiritual makeover as an individual. In this post, we highlight some free podcasts and blog posts that provide “enduring wisdom & guided challenges to help project teams achieve their best.”

Note: These podcasts aren’t only useful for project teams. You can use them to help with a mental and spiritual makeover within your family, your PTA, your soccer team, or simply that group of friends that has become a bit dysfunctional! Here’s how: As you listen to the podcasts and review the suggested team Challenges, whenever you hear the phrase “project team” or “team member,” just mentally replace it with “family” or “family member.” After all, people are people, whether they are working together  on the job or simply trying to get things done together by working on a home or civic project!

Inspired Project Teams Podcasts

(Read more below about specific Challenges & my favorite Inspired Project Teams podcasts.)

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2010 Update: Mental & Spiritual Health Collection

2010 Update: Mental & Spiritual Health Collection

Would you like to improve your mental or spiritual health? (“Spiritual” is used here in the broadest possible sense; no religious perspectives are advocated.) There are loads of great free training and educational opportunities that can help you recharge your emotional batteries. Below is a complete list of those we reviewed on this blog. Continue reading

Yearly Vacation? Why Not a Daily Vacation? — Learn to Meditate!

Topic: Meditation: How, why, and tools
Format: Blog posts, podcasts, and links
Reviewer/email: Mike G – greers_pm@yahoo.com

Beginners Guide to

If you’re like most of us, you wish your vacations would last much longer. In fact, I confess that I used to start feeling the dread of “vacation’s over” several days before my precious vacation was actually over.  I’ve since discovered, however, that my meditation practice provides me with brief, refreshing “daily vacations” every day.  So this year, why not use your official vacation time to learn to meditate? Unlike that sunburn and your empty wallet, your new meditation practice will continue providing daily benefits long after your official vacation’s just a memory.

Below are some great free resources and links from The Best Free Training that can help you get started: Continue reading