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24 Must-Have, Everyday Workhorse Apps

Top 24 apps (logos shown clockwise from 7 o’clock): Timely, Accuweather, Gmail, Podcast Addict, Google Voice, Google Hangouts Dialer, Hiya Caller ID & Block, Google Keep, SimpleMind, MindMeister, Floating Stickies, Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, Wunderlist, Google Maps, Feedly, Puffin, Xodo PDF, FBReader, Pocket, Google Photos, Fast for Facebook, Twilight, Atmosphere

[Many of these apps will help you learn more stuff, consume training content better and generally upgrade your productivity! So while they all aren’t exactly training, many will be a great help in your quest to be a better self-directed learner. Enjoy!]

If you’re like me, your mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) is loaded with apps. In fact, I’ve just checked and discovered that I’ve got hundreds installed! And that left me wondering, “How many of these things do I need? Which of these do I depend on every day?”

After some reflection, I came up with a list of my “24 must-have, everyday workhorse apps.” And, to the extent that they keep me personally productive, they help me be a better project manager and team member.  Most are FREE or have free versions available. See the complete list with brief descriptions at my WORTH SHARING site.

Graphic Organizers: Tools for Instructors & Students [& Parents!]

Topic: How to make and use charts, graphs, and other visual tools to help organize new concepts and learn more effectively
Format: Website with text lessons, graphics, practice items, suggested readings, links, and reference list [free registration required]
Reviewer/email: Mike G – greers_pm@yahoo.com

Ever notice how it’s easier to learn complex information if you make yourself a little chart of the key ideas? That’s the idea behind this valuable, one-hour free course: To help you make and use home-made graphics as organizers to support your learning — or to help you help your students or kids use graphics organizers so they can learn complicated topics more effectively.
Graphic Organizers
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