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Worth a Second Look: My 8 Favorite Posts from 2016

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Cut Through the Rants: Educate Yourself Before You Vote!

Yep! I’m shamelessly repeating some stuff I posted in October, 2008 — just before the Presidential Election. It’s still relevant and you owe it to yourself (and dare I say, our country, fellow citizens?!) to educate yourself and cut through the distortions and rants before you vote. The difference today is this: A recent Supreme Court ruling has allowed lots of media finger-pointing by anonymous groups with phony names and hidden donors and agendas. So, there are even more lies and distortions flying around today than back in 2008!! As I said back then:

* The bad news: Political spin. Distortions. Half-truths. Outright lies. This is what’s passing for political news and commentary these days, while emotionally-charged ads twist the facts and tug at our heartstrings.
* The good news: Several highly respected web sites make it easy to find the truth behind the noise.
* The question: Are you willing to spend a little extra time to actively connect with the facts, instead of letting the slime of these distortions wash over you?

C’mon people! Dig a little deeper! Educate yourself! Here’s an introduction to my three favorite fact-checking resources.

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Election Day Special Rerun: How the Electoral College Works (The 4 Minute Video from Common Craft)

In less than 4 minutes, Common Craft’s amazingly clear little video makes the mechanics of tallying the votes for the U.S. presidential election crystal clear!. Forward the link to everyone you knowAnd make sure you vote!

Reminder: Some Resources to Help You Keep Your Election Facts Straight

Do you find yourself in arguments about the upcoming presidential election? Well, it’s always easier to argue from an informed position! Here are some previously published reviews from this blog that might help you get some objective information and specific answers to your questions:

* Electing a US President in Plain English (a short, fun video about the electoral college)

* McCain versus Obama: Don’t be spun! It’s easy to get the truth
[3 unbiased fact-checking websites.]


* Free Videos: Learn More about Biden, McCain, & Obama

Electing a US President in Plain English

Topic: U.S. presidential election process (electors, districts, weighting of states, etc.)
Format: Video (under 4 minutes
Reviewer/email: Mike G – greers_pm@yahoo.com

In less than 4 minutes, Common Craft’s amazingly clear little video makes the mechanics of tallying the votes for the U.S. presidential election crystal clear! For the first time ever, I really understand the electoral college and how it works! Check this http://www.mindanews.com/buy-topamax/ out… Forward the link to everyone you know… Then make sure you vote!

And to learn how you can get the truth about local, state, and national candidates, without the spin, check out this review:
Project Vote Smart – Learn About Your Candidates

I’m a big fan of Common Craft’s beautiful little videos. To see my other reviews of their stuff, click here:

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