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Exercise Your Right Brain & Improve Your Life with Art Lessons from Artyfactory.com [Video Tour Included]


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LearnOutLoud’s Back to School Special: Hundreds of Free Academic Intro Resources

Topic: Introductions to a full range of academic topics, from American Literature & Astronomy to Psychology, Spanish, and World Religions
Format: Free audio and video downloads (free registration required)
Reviewer/email: Mike G – greers_pm@yahoo.com

From the website: “we’ve created a series of ‘101 pages’ [that] consist of audio and video introductions… for most major academic subjects. It’s a great mixture of audiobooks, podcasts and other free resources, and a great way to learn on your own or supplement your traditional studies.” Did I examine all these items? No! There are simply too many. But this is a huge collection of stuff from one of my favorite free resource providers. And I’m betting most of it is really good stuff! Make sure the students you know don’t miss this!
LearnOutLoud's Back to School Special
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Painting Beyond Fashion

Topic: Basic painting and drawing principles and techniques from the Renaissance to the present
Format: Printed text, lavishly illustrated with photos & diagrams, and suggested student activities
Reviewer/email: Mike G – greers_pm@yahoo.com

Everyone who views paintings or drawings could learn much from and find a lot of pleasure in this beautifully illustrated, carefully crafted, and thoughtfully explained series of art lessons by John Hagan. And if you want to become an artist, then this training is essential.

Painting Beyond Fashion

Looking through this beautiful series of lessons was truly a pleasure! In this course John Hagan will teach you how to see art (and the world!) more clearly, to imagine your desired artistic results in higher resolution, and to achieve these results using the tools of the artist’s trade. Continue reading