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Worth a Second Look: My 8 Favorite Posts from 2016

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Free iPad, iOS, & Android Apps for Students & Educators: A Few Good Lists

Topic:  Free iPhone, iPad,  iOS, & Android apps to support students & teachers
Format:  Links to other blog posts, lists
Reviewer/email: Mike G – greers_pm@yahoo.com

These days almost everyone, young or old, has access to a tablet or smartphone that supports apps.  Whether you’re a student in a formal educational setting or a self-directed learner churning through the internet’s information smorgasbord, you need tools to help you retrieve, process, and retain all those new skills and piles of information.

The good news is that your needs haven’t gone unnoticed by app developers. There are loads of free apps are out there to support education.  Better yet, there are lots of people posting useful collections of their favorite free apps to support training and education.

Below are 8 lists of freebies you should check out:  —>>>

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5 Simple Steps: Use Any Format E-Book On Your iPad, NOOK, Kindle, or Other E-Reader with Free Calibre Software!

If you have an iPad, NOOK, Kindle, or other e-reader, then you have a true power tool for the self-directed learner! There are thousands (millions?) of free e-books available, just waiting for you to download — but you need to look beyond your e-reader’s bookstore (i.e., Apple’s iBookstore, Kindle’s Amazon, NOOK’s B&N website, etc.).  Trouble is, the e-book you find is not always available in the file format your e-reader needs.

Convert ebooks with Calibre

Enter Calibre software. With this amazing (and FREE) software, you never again have to worry about finding the right file format (epub, mobi, pdf, etc.).   With Calibre, you can download any e-book in any format and convert it, then sync it to almost any device… even your iPhone or iPod Touch! (Calibre also handles magazines, blogs, and news feeds!  For details & lots of links to free e-book sites, continue reading below.)

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