Ways to Get Involved

There are at least seven ways you can participate in this blog.

  1. Nominate: You can nominate (suggest for review) a training item that you think should be reviewed. Ordinary folks can nominate as many items as they like. However, if you are somehow connected to the training item (writer, producer, publisher, sponsor, etc.) you are permitted to have only one item at a time waiting to be reviewed.
  2. Volunteer: You can check out the Nominated Items list and find a training item you’d like to experience for yourself. Then go on to Number 3.
  3. Attend or participate in free training: You can attend the course, watch the media, interact with the practice items, or otherwise experience the training session in full, as it was intended to be attended.
  4. Write a review: (See How to Write a Review.)
  5. Post your review.
  6. Post a comment and participate in a discussion.
  7. Become a regular contributor or author — email me at greers_pm@yahoo.com for details.


How Your Comments Are Handled — There’s a Delay!

Good News: Anyone can post a comment. So far (and this may change later), you don’t need to register to post.

Bad News: There will be a delay (probably several hours) between when you submit your comment and when it is posted for all to see on the blog. This is because I must hand-approve each comment. This is to keeps spammers from posting junk and nasty stuff, but it means I have to catch up with all the reading/approval before your comment appears. So please be patient. (And don’t keep submitting over and over! Yikes!)