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Michael Greer

I am currently an independent contractor working as an author, trainer, and consultant in the field of Project Management. At the same time, I have several decades experience designing, developing, and presenting training. I have also managed many teams of instructional designers and media developers and subject matter experts as they tried their best to create high-quality training on all sorts of topics in all sorts of industries. So I’ve experienced a lot of training, evaluated training effectiveness, and made a lot of recommendations about how to improve training.

One thing I know for sure: The best judge of a training session is not the person who designed it or the person who paid for it to be developed or even the person who served as the “expert” or the instructor to provide its content. The best judge of training is someone who has experienced it directly as a student. So, above all else, I truly hope this blog provides a forum for all those excited students who have completed a training session and said to their friends, “Wow! That was great! You gotta try this free session!”

Michael Greer, blog founder and moderator
For a long-winded, self-serving biography, see: http://www.michaelgreer.com/greer-bio.htm


While I have buy modafinil online from canada completely designed and built my own website (See link above — I know… my website looks homemade!) and I moderate an online discussion group, this is my first-ever experience with building or running a blog. So if I violate your expectations, do things clumsily, or otherwise screw up, I would really appreciate your indulgence… or, better yet, your help figuring out how to implement needed improvements.


P.S. — THANK YOU, WORDPRESS!! This is my first ever blog and I’m figuring out the process as I go… And, so far, it’s been fairly easy using WordPress. Without the FREE WordPress blogging software and the devoted people who create and support it, this blog would not exist! Also, a special thanks to WordPress Support Forum’s moderator, Moshu, who generously provided time, patience, and careful guidance. – MG

P.S.S. — Thank you more, wife Bonnie! You nudged me in this new direction, supported me while I was “holed up” in the office figuring it out, and you edited the drafts. As always, you keep me stretching to keep up!

My Other Blog: Inspired Project Teams (wisdom and challenges to help your project team be all it can be)

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