Purpose of this Blog

Today there are thousands (millions?) of free training items available. Many of these are little more than veiled advertising for their sponsors, providing just enough to peak your interest in their products or services, yet stopping short of providing real value. Others are haphazardly thrown together or designed by people who have no real knowledge of their subject. On the other hand, some free training is full-featured, creatively designed and presented, and amazingly valuable. But who has time to sort through the glut of freebies to find the good stuff?

The purpose of this blog is to provide a place for you to share information about the best free training you have experienced and tell others how they can experience this training for themselves. Whether it’s a simple, home-made tutorial or a high-budget, high-production, commercially-produced session… if you loved it and it’s free and it’s available to the rest of us, then we want to hear about it.

NOTE: This blog is for everyone… It’s not particularly designed for training professionals. And I believe that the best judge of training is someone who has experienced it directly as a student. So I’m hoping that lots of ordinary people who have attended free training sessions, used free tutorials, or otherwise used free training items will share their stories as reviewers.