Video Tour of Web App Reviews: The Best Chrome Apps & Extensions for Education

Topic:   Web apps & extensions for Google Chrome (recommendations & how to use)
Format:  Video reviews with written articles in a “how-to” format
Reviewer/email: Mike G –

This is a brief video tour of the new blog, Web Apps Reviews: The Best Chrome Apps & Extensions for Education. Whether you are a self-directed learner or an educator/home schooling parent, this blog can show you how to get more power from your Google Chrome web browser to enhance your teaching & learning activities.

From the website: “Web App Reviews is a site dedicated to reviewing the best Chrome Web Apps and Extensions for Education. As schools are moving more and more towards cloud-based services, it is important to find high quality resources for the classroom… Each review includes a written blog post and a short video covering what the web app or extension does as well as practical ideas for use in schools.”


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