Urban Farming Toolkit: A Visual Guide to Getting Your Garden Started (Plus Our 2013 Gardening Guide!)

Topic:  Gardening, landscaping, and related topics
Format: Websites & PDFs with online training (many formats)
Reviewer/email: Mike G – greers_pm@yahoo.com

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It’s that time of year again: It’s time for spring planting here in the Northern Hemisphere. And with so many nutritional experts telling us to “Eat fresh. Buy local. Eat organic,” maybe it’s time to think about growing your own produce!  Whether you live on 20 acres in the country or are living in a small apartment in the city, this guide will show you how to get started.


The Urban Farming Toolkit is a free, easy-to-use PDF guide will teach you the whys and the hows (step-by-step) of urban farming. What’s more, it’s loaded with lists of resources where you can get more information.  Here’s the complete table of contents:

1.1 Why Garden?
1.2 Urban Food Production
1.3 Victory Gardens
1.4 Food Justice
1.5 Community Gardens
1.6 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
1.7 Farmer’s Markets
1.8 Food Cooperatives
1.9 Green Jobs

2.1 What Am I Growing?
2.2 Choosing Where To Grow
2.3 Sunlight
2.4 Water
2.5 Soil Toxicity
2.6 Building Healthy Soil
2.7 Infrastructure
2.8 Pest Control
2.9 Garden Layout
2.10 Product Type: Flowers
2.11 Product Type: Seedlings
2.12 Product Type: Herbs
2.13 Product Type: Heirloom Vegetables
2.14 Product Type: Eggs
2.15 Product Type: Bees
2.16 Hardiness Map
2.17 Phasing

Building Your Garden
3.1 Garden Type: Window Box
3.2 Garden Type: Container Garden
3.3 Garden Type: Yard Garden
3.4 Garden Type: Kitchen Garden
3.5 Garden Type: Orchard
3.6 Garden Type: Livestock
3.7 Garden Type: Pallet Planters
3.8 Garden Type: Rain Garden
3.9 Garden Type: Raised Beds
3.10 Borders and Perimeters
3.11 Rainwater Catchment
3.12 Paths & Circulation
3.13 Lighting
3.14 Compost Areas

Click here to learn more about Tower Gardens!

(Click here to learn more about Tower Gardens!)

4.1 Maintenance
4.2 Watering
4.3 Weeding
4.4 Harvesting

Financial Issues
5.1 Start-up costs
5.2 Ongoing maintenance
5.3 Sustainablity
5.4 Financial Opportunities
5.5 Grants and Donations

Legal Issues
6.1 Permits
6.2 Land-use and Tenure
6.3 Ownership
6.4 Guerilla Gardening
6.5 Liability

Community and National Resources

Publishers/Partners of the Urban Farming Toolkit include: 

  • The Tulane City Center
  • The National Endowment for the Arts
  • The New Orleans Food & Farm Network

DOWNLOAD LINK:  Click here to download the Urban Farming Toolkit. 


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