Could RetroUI Help You Eliminate Windows 8 Training?

Topic:  RetroUI, a Windows 8 app that makes Windows 8 behave like Windows 7
Format:  $4.99 app
Reviewer/email: Mike G –

What’s better than free training? No training! And spending $4.99 on RetroUI might just eliminate the need for Windows 8 training.  Here’s how.

If you recently bought new computers that came with Windows 8 and you are stuck teaching yourself or your staff how to use them, ask yourself these questions:  1) Do I need (will I be using) any Windows 8 apps?  2) Do I need Windows 8 to run the apps I use most often?  (i.e, to run my “workhorse” apps?) 3) Do I really want to learn to use Windows 8 at this time?

If you can answer “No” to these three questions… and if you are happy with Windows 7 or XP… then you can completely eliminate the need to struggle with and go through training on Windows 8 by simply installing the amazingly cool little app, RetroUI.

For $4.99 (US) you can download the RetroUI app, install it, and get back your Start where to buy provigil in canada Menu, Task Bar, regular desktop, and lots of other Windows 7 tools. This video is my brief demo of RetroUI.

RetroUI: Make Windows 8 Behave Like Windows 7 from PM Minimalist


Author’s Note: “I am not in any way affiliated with or compensated by the publishers of RetroUI. I’m just a disgusted Windows 8 user who has figured out how to make that confusing Microsoft mistake go away quickly by spending $4.99. We’ve paid for and installed it on each of our Windows 8 computers and it works great. So I want to tell the world!” — Mike G.


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