About “High Density” Audios [or… Why It’s So Valuable to Re-listen to Podcasts]

Working with this blog I have discovered a bunch of intense, idea-filled audios which I call high density audios. Examples of these include 50 Things I’m Going to Do Today, As a Man Thinketh, and The Fundamental Principles of Personal Wealth. These items are crammed with content and no matter how many times I listen to them, I hear at least one new concept that seems to be useful. So, rather than be frustrated that I can’t “get everything” in one listening, I’ve decided to simply treat these as a special class of training that should be listened to over and over again.

After giving this much thought, I’ve decided that here’s what’s going on: The consciousness that I bring to these items is different every time I listen to them. What’s “on my mind” depends on the specific issues I am facing that day. Below is a graphic depicting some different broad topics (each containing an urgent idea or two) that might be whirling through anyone’s mind on any given day.

OK. So I have concerns in some of the various domains above spinning around in my consciousness. Then I go out for my exercise, strap on my MP3 player, and crank up one of my high density audios. Below is a graphic of what starts flying through my earphones and into my brain: Lots and lots of ideas, piled one on top of the other, each trying to plant itself in my brain — but my brain not necessarily allowing the idea to be planted.

Finally, at some random point in my listening-exercising, something from the audio connects powerfully with something that’s bubbling around in my consciousness. Flash! I get a new insight into how to better deal with this issue. The graphic below shows how something from the audio linked up with something that was bothering me, career-wise. The bottom line: I come away with a new idea, career-wise, that I didn’t have before I went out for my exercise! Very cool!

So that’s why it is so useful to listen to these high density audios over and over again. As you can see in the diagram, “What’s on My Mind” can be whirling all over the place — and it’s almost never the same from day to day. So yesterday’s issue isn’t the same as today’s issue… which means I get to find another new and different idea popping out of the audio providing another (surprise!) insight. This is very cool, indeed.

So some reviewers might say something high-sounding, like this: “These audios are timeless classics that can be enjoyed over and over again.” [Yawn…] But what I’m saying is this: “These high density audios are crammed with plenty of ideas. Every time you listen — if you do so in an active way — you’re likely to get at least one new, unexpected insight into how you can improve your life!” And that’s a really nice surprise.


Update: November, 2012

Since publishing the article above several years ago, I have joined the ranks of those creating “high-density” content. I have become a podcaster! MyInspired Project Teams blog posts and podcasts are available free at that blog’s website. Check them out and let me know what you think!