PhilosphersNotes Free Audio/PDF Combos: Stephen Covey, Don Miguel Ruiz, Esther/Jerry Hicks

Nearly every day, while exercising or waiting in line somewhere, I crank up my little MP3 player and listen to one of Brian Johnson’s 20-minute PhilosophersNotes. These are his distillations of some of the “big ideas” mined from a whole bunch of powerful Self-Help and Philosophy books, delivered via Brian’s upbeat and informal “friendly philosopher” narrations. What’s more, if I need to revisit some of those “big ideas” later and steal a quote or two, I just call up the matching PDF that accompanies each note.

All-in-all, his PhilosophersNotes really live up to Brian’s claim that they are “the ultimate personal growth tool. Giving you more wisdom in less time.”

Amazingly, Brian has done 200!!! of these audio/PDF combos, making it possible for you to start every day with a fresh burst of positive energy. I use the “shuffle” setting to tell my MP3 player to serve me up a new one and surprise me!

So what’s the freebie here? In exchange for signing up for his free newsletter (a great source of positive energy and wisdom in itself), Brian will give you three full audio/PDF combos. These include Brian’s brilliant distillations of these three classics:

So take advantage of Brian’s offer and join me for a daily dose of wisdom and positive energy!

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