RSS Feeds & Google Reader: Your Never-Ending, Customized Flow of Content

Topic: How to use RSS feeds and Google Reader
Format: Collection of web-based resources from several different publishers
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I am hooked! Before I turn on the TV or go to a news site on the web, I now go straight to my Google Reader to check the latest posts from 1) my favorite blogs, 2) news sites and, 3) updates from other sites I’m tracking, including education and training sites. And I don’t have to navigate to a zillion sites to check what’s new. It’s all there, in headline form, in a single little box in my Google Reader’s headline list.

Two things make all this possible:

  • Ongoing streams of content from sites sporting that little orange “RSS feed” symbol (below, left).
  • My free subscriptions to these content streams that are collected by the free (and easy-to-use) Google Reader (below, right).

Image: RSS & Google Reader

If you’re engaged in self-directed learning, you should know about these two amazing tools and how they can deliver a custom stream of continually-updated content to you. In this post, I’ll share some videos and tutorials that will help you learn how to use both.

[By the way, this blog is available via RSS feed! See upper right corner of this screen, RSS symbol.]

he items below are listed in increasing order of complexity. If you know absolutely nothing about Google Reader or RSS feeds, you should go through them in sequence. If you have some experience, then skim the descriptions and decide for yourself which ones might benefit you most.

RSS in Plain English (3 min, 44 sec) – Just a few minutes long, this is a great little video introduction to RSS feeds. URL –

Google Reader in Plain English (1 min, 5 sec) – One minute (!!) intro to Google Reader. Great!! URL –

Wikipedia Overview: Google Reader — A little more depth, but still an overview. Includes links and references. URL –

Newbies Guide to Google Reader – Overview and some beginner’s tips from respected tech-translator, CNET. URL –

How to Use Google Reader – A series of 15 videos from expert village that provide everything from a brief introduction, to an examination of the user interface. It also provides tips on sharing your feeds, organizing your feeds, feeding to your cell phone, and much more! URL –

RSS Feeds – A Tutorial – For the hard core… More than you ever wanted to know about RSS feeds! URL –

How to get Google Reader — Go to

Finally, if you’d like to subscribe to this blog with your Google Reader, click on the RSS symbol in the right column (see graphic below) of the home page.

RSS Feed for Best Free Training>

Enjoy! (And please share your experiences in the Comments below!)