Drinking Water Treatment (Delft University)

Topic: Technology of drinking water treatment
Format: videos of classes; slides; readings; PDF assignments & summaries
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How do you get the best drinking water in the world, without chlorine? This is a university graduate-level class, with lecture and discussions [in English] of the sophisticated technological processes that make top-quality drinking water possible. Supports a civil engineering curriculum.

From the website: “The course gives the technological backgrounds of treatment processes applied for production of drinking water… Goals: [Provide] Knowledge of technological basics and design parameters of drinking water treatment processes.” The course is organized by Prof.ir. J.C. van Dijk, with guest lecturers on particular specialized technologies.

Provided by the Open Course Ware initiative from Delft University of Technology in the The Netherlands, this is a serious graduate level course (presented in English) that assumes some preparation in the math, chemistry, and physics needed to discuss the technology. At the same time, it is organized and available in a way that will allow anyone to “skim” the course and get something of value.

There are 20 video lectures, ranging from 40 minutes to one hour in length. The course is “powered by Mediasite,” so (by video) you can see and hear the instructor in class, presenting his slides and sometimes interacting with student questions. At the same time, while the lecture is going on, you can view slides for that session as a comprehensive list or set of thumbnails, then click on any one that interests you. Doing so, you will “jump” to that portion of the lecture and see/hear the professor’s accompanying comments related to that particular slide. In addition to the videos, PDF files of slides, class assignments, and more are available.

CAVEAT: A high-speed internet connection is required for this media-rich class.

Here is a list of the topics presented in Drinking Water Treatment 1 – Technology
* Introduction
* Drinking water and the Netherlands [This is interesting and requires little scientific background. -MG]
* Water treatment schemes
* Aeration
* Granular filtration
* Softening
* Coagulation & flocculation
* Membrane technologies
* Sedimentation
* Flotation
* Activated Carbon Filtration
* Disinfection
* Micro- & Ultrafiltration
* Nanofiltration and reverse Osmosis
* Applications of reverse osmosis
Also available: Drinking Water Treatment 2 Design, including Readings, Assignments related to water treatment plant designs, and more.

URL for “Collegerama” videos:

URL for Course Home Page: http://ocw.tudelft.nl/courses/watermanagement/drinking-water-treatment-1-technology/course-home/