Beginner’s Guide to Meditation: Part 2, Free Tools from Jet City Orange

Topic: Introductory information about meditation and a collection of tools to help newcomers learn to meditate
Format: Web site with overviews, practical advice, and many downloadable audio/MP3 files
Reviewer/email: Mike G –

Jerry Whiting’s Jet City Orange website is a great source of straightforward, practical information about the secular practice of meditation. And it includes an extensive collection of free tools in the form of audio (MP3) files to help you get started with your own meditation practice. No particular religious perspective is reflected in these tools.

To see a more extensive list of the great resources available at this website, click “Read the rest of this entry... below.

[See my previous post, Beginner’s Guide to Meditation: Part 1, Jon Kabat Zinn & Mindfulness.]

Overview of Free Meditation-Support Tools Available from Jet City Orange

All the tools listed below may be downloaded absolutely free. Each collection is presented with a page or so of practical, common sense advice for how you might use the particular tools listed. In addition, you will find links to related Wikepedia articles and other web-based resources.  Herein lies wisdom… short and sweet!

Natural Sounds

  • Crickets : Yes, crickets. [3.66 MB]
  • Waterfall : Recorded at Devil’s Campground, Mt. Rainier 728.2008 [4.58 MB]
  • Waves : Captured at Weather Park, Alki Beach, West Seattle [3.66 MB]
  • Hail Storm : 24jun07, West Seattle [712 KB]
  • Miranda’s Chimes : Zen Christmas [6.76 MB]
  • Wind Chimes : Tubular Major [6.75 MB]

Guided Meditations

  • Talk Me Into It [5 1/2 minutes]
  • Talk Me Into It [1 minute]

Binaural Beats

  • high beta, 25 Hz
  • mid beta, 20 Hz
  • low beta, 15 Hz
  • high alpha, 12 Hz
  • mid alpha, 10 Hz the Berger’s wave or Berger Rhythm)
  • low alpha, 8 Hz
  • high theta, 6 Hz
  • mid theta, 5 Hz
  • low theta, 4 Hz
  • delta, 2.5 Hz

Meditation Timers

  • 10 minute meditation timer
  • 15 minute meditation timer
  • 20 minute meditation timer
  • 25 minute meditation timer
  • 30 minute meditation timer

Advanced Binaural Beats for Meditation Training

  • A3E3A2 [Ugly file name, but a very cool tool! – MG]
  • Nada Brahma Schumann Resonance
  • Schumann Slide

My recommendation: Go to this website, poke around, read some of Jerry Whiting’s neighborly advice, download some of the tools, and start meditating!

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