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5 Things You Can Do to Get Positive Political Results in a Soul-Numbing, Negative Media World (w/ links to tools & resources)

Feeling overwhelmed by political news, editorial rants and talking heads? Want to become politically active but not sure where to start?

In this latest article at my Worth Sharing site, I review some specific actions that anyone can all take to step out of the negative shadows and into the positive light.  It includes lots of tools, links to helpful resources and more!  Consider it a job aid and a self-study guide for the would-be activist!

Get your mind right, your facts straight… then get active!

Worth Sharing: Essays & Tools to Help Project Managers & Their Teams

[Caveat: This is my book! So there is (duh!) some conflict of interest in my recommending it to you! However, I honestly believe it’s full of good stuff that any self-directed learner can use to develop project management (PM) skills & insights. And since it’s FREE to read all 300 pages online, what do you have to lose?! — Mike Greer, owner/editor of this blog.]


Just published! My new book, Worth Sharing: Essays & Tools to Help Project Managers & Their Teams, is a 300 page eclectic compilation of practical PM tools, thought-provoking PM essays and suggestions for helping individual project managers and their teams stay sane while delivering good quality finished products. It consists of 54 Chapters and hundreds of live links to additional PM resources. Most of the chapters were originally published as blog posts through my websites and have never before been released in book form. (See for info on all my websites, blog posts, videos, etc.) A few chapters include some important, classic excerpts from my previous books.

The book is divided into six major Parts, including:

  • Part 1: The Meaning of Project Management (3 Chapters)
  • Part 2: PM Techniques (12 Chapters) 
  • Part 3: Working with Your Team & Maintaining Your Sanity (12 Chapters) 
  • Part 4: Peace of Mind (12 Chapters) 
  • Part 5: PM Leadership and Vision (7 Chapters)
  • Part 6: Of PM Skills and How They Are Acquired (8 Chapters)

You can read the entire book (all 300 pages!) online, for free. And it’s available in paperback & all ebook formats. Get details at my Worth Sharing website!

Free PDF: Why It’s Pointless to Argue About Politics or Religion

.. And Why You Should Look to the Clouds for Answers

[I published this several years ago, just in time for the holidays. Decided to make it a regular seasonal “rerun.” I hope you enjoy it, share it with your more argumentative friends & relatives and remember to play nice at all those holiday parties! — MG]

Image: Why It's Pointless to Argue Politics or Religion...

Do you find yourself facing a bunch of holiday parties with people whose political or religious perspectives might be drastically different from your own? Are you dreading those inevitable arguments?  This article provides some perspective on:

  • The weird and wonderful ways our political and religious views evolve, including:
    • The Happy Face Version
    • The Waterfall Version
  • Why we inevitably clash when we try to argue about politics or religion
  • Why it’s pointless to argue about politics or religion
  • How you might become an amateur anthropologist and try to see into the “cloud” of personal experiences that make up the other guy’s political or religious vision
  • Specific suggestions and Challenges for dealing with your next political or religious argument

Click here to download the entire 9-page PDF (with 6 graphic illustrations).

(Note: This article, largely because of its several somewhat-complicated & whimsical graphics, didn’t seem to lend itself to the usual audio podcast or blog post.  The PDF file presents all these elements in a single, easy to read document. Hope you like it!)

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New Video Tour & Review: Free Management eBooks Website

Logo: Free Management eBooks website

Check out this new review at my WORTH SHARING website:

So why visit my WORTH SHARING website? See:

Video Tour:

Whether you are a self-directed learner, a researcher looking for both sides of an argument, or an educator trying to stimulate critical thinking by providing students with unbiased “deep dive” details on controversial subjects, is a powerful resource you should learn to use. This video provides a brief tour.

From the website (my bold added): is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity. Our purpose is to provide resources for critical thinking and to educate without bias. We research issues that are controversial and important, and we present them in a balanced, comprehensive, straightforward, transparent, and primarily pro-con format at no charge…. The Problem We Are Tackling: The constant barrage of inaccurate, misleading, and biased news and information prevents many people from making informed decisions about important social issues…. Our Solution: We provide free, unbiased, and sourced information so people can better understand important social issues and make more informed decisions about them….  Our Mission: Promoting critical thinking, education, and informed citizenship by presenting controversial issues in a straightforward, nonpartisan, and primarily pro-con format.”

Go to website:

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LearnOutLoud’s Education & Professional Collection is a great source of stimulating free media for self-directed learners who want to ramp up their careers. Though it’s only a fraction of LearnOutLoud’s full catalog of freebies, the 79 titles in this collection cover a wide range of career-enhancing, creativity-inducing topics.

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Obamacare: A Nonpartisan Review of What It Is and What It Is Not

Topic:  In-depth, non-partisan analysis of the “pros and cons” of “Obamacare”
Format: 128-page PDF, including summary table and in-depth analysis of 62 FAQs
Reviewer/email:  Mike G –

In a couple of weeks, US voters will be presented with a clear choice between a candidate who will be a champion of “Obamacare” (Barack Obama) and one who has vowed to begin work to replace it within the first few days of his presidency (Mitt Romney).  Yet how many voters really know enough about “Obamacare?” to make an informed choice? What will it really do? Does it reflect your values? Does it help or hinder your financial future? Will it provide better healthcare for US citizens?

Image: "Obamacare: A Nonpartisan Review of What It Is and What It Is Not" has just released this powerful, 128-page nonpartisan guide to help you answer these questions and decide for yourself which candidate is more likely to best represent your views regarding Obamacare.

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