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24 Must-Have, Everyday Workhorse Apps

Top 24 apps (logos shown clockwise from 7 o’clock): Timely, Accuweather, Gmail, Podcast Addict, Google Voice, Google Hangouts Dialer, Hiya Caller ID & Block, Google Keep, SimpleMind, MindMeister, Floating Stickies, Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, Wunderlist, Google Maps, Feedly, Puffin, Xodo PDF, FBReader, Pocket, Google Photos, Fast for Facebook, Twilight, Atmosphere

[Many of these apps will help you learn more stuff, consume training content better and generally upgrade your productivity! So while they all aren’t exactly training, many will be a great help in your quest to be a better self-directed learner. Enjoy!]

If you’re like me, your mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) is loaded with apps. In fact, I’ve just checked and discovered that I’ve got hundreds installed! And that left me wondering, “How many of these things do I need? Which of these do I depend on every day?”

After some reflection, I came up with a list of my “24 must-have, everyday workhorse apps.” And, to the extent that they keep me personally productive, they help me be a better project manager and team member.  Most are FREE or have free versions available. See the complete list with brief descriptions at my WORTH SHARING site.

2013 Back to School Guide: Useful Free Resources for Students

Image: YouTube Playlist -- Great Free Training & Education Resources

Check out our NEW YouTube playlist: “Great Free Training & Education Resources”

Looking for some great free resources to help your kids succeed at school this year? Here’s a list of some of The Best Free Training reviews & video tours published in the last year. They showcase freebies that could enhance your kids’ learning. Enjoy! 

Below are links to Back to School Guides that I published in previous years at this time. Most of the sites reviewed are still going strong, so I encourage you to revisit the items listed in the posts. Good luck this year, students!

2013 Collection: Boredom Breakers for Kids on Summer Vacation

Tomorrow is officially the first day of summer. And with most students home on summer vacation, it won’t be long until until they start complaining about nothing to do.  You can encourage them to use this time off from school to learn something new or brush up on some basic skills!  This collection of recent posts from The Best Free Training will help them get started.

Video Tour: Online Courses Directory

Topic:  All academic, college-level topics
Format: Database allowing searches, saved searches, and direct access to free university courses
Reviewer/email: Mike G –

Over the years we’ve reviewed lots of great free courses from major universities. (See list of related reviews at the end of this article.) Unfortunately, if you’re searching for a particular course or content area, it’s hard to find and compare what’s available without visiting each university’s site. And while you’re searching, it’s difficult to capture and organize that list of potential courses so you can later decide which is best for you.

The Online Courses Directory (with its database of over 500 free online university courses) addresses these issues head-on! It provides a powerful user interface to help with searching, saving custom lists of courses, and tracking your progress. The video above provides my quick tour and review of the site. 

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My 12 Favorite Posts from 2012

Image: HippoCampus web site

HippoCampus: One of many great FREE resources for self-directed learners reviewed here in 2012.

Below is a list of my 12 favorite posts from 2012. These were either 1) fun to research & write, or 2) particularly useful discoveries that I was eager to share. Some were both! What do you think? I look forward to your Comments.

BONUS… (Introducing my new website…)

Last summer I launched my new website, “Mike Greer’s WORTH SHARING.”  It’s designed to:

  • provide links to all my publications from all four of my websites in one common site
  • provide some new, broader categories for capturing publications that don’t fit into my other four websites.

ANDROID TABLET OWNERS NOTE: As a new Android tablet owner, I’ve been sharing some of of the most useful tips, tricks, and freebies that I’ve discovered by posting them on this website. Check ’em out!

Coursera: Hundreds of Free Courses from 33 World-Class Universities!

Coursera has partnered with 33 universities from all over the world to provide hundreds of free courses in a wide range of timely topics. Subject domains include Humanities, Medicine, Biology, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Business, Computer Science, and more.

Image: Coursera website

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Style for Students Online: Practical & Comprehensive Technical Writing Guidance

Topic: Technical writing (and all the basics to help you write almost anything clearly)
Format: Online book, broken into concise and highly-focused lessons, with some PDFs
Reviewer/email: Mike G –

Whether you are new to writing or a seasoned veteran, this practical and comprehensive collection of brief, to-the-point articles and tools will help you improve your creations.

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