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Worth a Second Look: My 8 Favorite Posts from 2016

Image/link to my WORTH SHARING website's "8 Favorite Posts from 2016"


Grace: A Powerful Video Search & Study Tool

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My latest post at my WORTH SHARING website provides a summary review and video tour of  “Grace – Learn What You Love.” Grace is a free Android app that can help self-directed learners navigate zillions of online videos & study them more effectively. Check it out!

Turn Any Ebook into an Audiobook with FBReader & Ivona Text to Speech (TTS)

This video shows how to set up and use the free apps FBReader & Ivona TTS engine to turn ANY ebook into an audiobook! You’ll learn how you can kick back and close your eyes, while your tablet or smartphone reads that ebook to you through your headphones or speakers. Which means you can “read” with your ears while bouncing around on a bus, driving to work, standing in line at the bank or supermarket or just NYGoodHealth hanging out in your favorite recliner. How cool is that?

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TED: “Ideas Worth Spreading” and an Essential Resource for Self-Directed Learners

Topic:  All sorts of stimulating subjects, presented by thought leaders from many fields.
Format: Video talks, usually supported with visuals, lasting less than 1/2 hour — Absolutely free to watch online or download in MP4 format to your computer or mobile device.
Reviewer/email: Mike G –

Image: TED Website

TED’s website bears this subtitle: “Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.”  And while this may sound a bit hyperbolic, if you spend a little time at the TED site, you’ll see that it lives up to this claim.  I’ve viewed many, many TED talks and I promise you that at the very least, each talk will deliver substantial food for thought. More often, however, these talks go beyond the mere stimulating to provide that “whack on the side of the head” or “outside the box thinking” that can leave you looking at your world (i.e., people, inventions, or events) in a whole new way.

If you’re a self-directed learner, you’ve probably discovered that it’s fairly easy to find almost any subject matter on the web. What’s more difficult to find… and what TED consistently delivers… are these two rare gems:  1) Leading edge, surprising new discoveries in almost every field of study, and 2) Excitement that will feed your enthusiasm and motivate you to learn more.  

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Notice to Kindle & RSS Subscribers to This Blog: The New Feed Works! Whoo Hoo!

[Please note:  This is a follow-up to the previous post, “Notice to Kindle & RSS Subscribers to This Blog: A Temporary Interruption in Service Is Coming!“]

I’m happy to announce: The new feed works! (Thank you, Google/Feedburner!)  It now includes the entire contents of each post (not simply a summary).

Here’s the URL to the Kindle subscription page:

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 And here’s the URL for the new RSS feed:

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Again, my apologies for the inconvenience. And thanks for your patience! But most of all, thanks for subscribing to The Best Free Training! I’ll do my best to keep the reviews of great free training coming your way.

Notice to Kindle & RSS Subscribers to This Blog: A Temporary Interruption in Service Is Coming!

If you subscribe to this blog through an Amazon subscription to your Kindle or through the RSS feed please note:

The unique RSS feed address of The Best Free Training (this blog) is about to change! 

For reasons I can’t seem to fix, my RSS feed has started sending only summaries to subscribers, instead of the entire blog post.  After I publish this post, I intend to try to “kill” the offending feed (including its unique URL).  I will then attempt to create a brand new feed that will send out entire blog posts.  I will then publish a post to let you know the URL of the new RSS feed.

I know this is a pain and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.  But stay tuned! The next post will tell you exactly how (and if!) I resolved this issue.  Thank you for subscribing… and thank you for maintaining your subscription through all this!

(Don’t know what I’m talking about?  If you’re not a subscriber, but curious about all this, check this earlier post: