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As promised in my previous article, you will now find the latest Best Free Training listings on my WORTH SHARING website. Here are the links to my just-published June 2014 posts:

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The latest post from my WORTH SHARING collection of the Best Free Training: Learning Guitar Now


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Starting this month I will be publishing all my new blog posts, articles and other announcements at my WORTH SHARING website. I will continue to create articles and videos that are relevant to the topics you usually find here, including listings of great free training stuff, tools and websites. To find these at the WORTH SHARING website, just click on the “Best Free Training” tab (see diagram below).

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The short answer is this:  To help you find all the stuff I believe to be “WORTH SHARING” in one location, no matter what the topic. (For a more detailed discussion, click here.)

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Free PMP (Project Management Professional) Study Tools & Much More from PM Pro


Whether you’re trying to decide whether to pursue PMI’s PMP (project management professional) certification or trying to figure out the best sources of PMP training, this amazing website will help you cut through the jungle of terminology, requirements, vendors, and more. What’s more, it provides a suggested study guide and links to important resources. Finally, it can even help you determine where you want to live to practice your career in PM! If you’re interested in PMP certification, don’t miss this website! It should be the first stop in your investigation.


According to an email from the publishers [my bold added]:

… our organization has put together a comprehensive resource for project managers interested in the PMP certification, which is a key component of professional advancement in the field, worldwide (it would also be useful to students interested in careers in project management). What distinguishes us is that we’re not a vendor of PMP exam prep resources, nor affiliated with any of them (nor are we affiliated with PMI, which created the PMP certification). Therefore we can provide a resource that’s both thorough and unbiased. Our site’s main writer is Allen Green, MS, PMP, PgMP, a published author on program management who’s also got experience writing PMP exam prep resources…”

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Honor Fallen Warriors by Advocating & Teaching Peace

(U.S. Memorial Day, 2014)

This holiday weekend in the U.S. we’ll hear much about those who’ve died for our freedom. And they surely deserve to be honored. But if our children and grandchildren are to live in a world with fewer senseless wars and casualties of war, they need to hear powerful anti-war voices. Because the best way to honor fallen warriors is to use the freedom they won for us to advocate for peace and teach the next generation how they can work for a more peaceful world. Here are some media and tools from previous posts that can help: 




Learn more:   Standing Army (2010) Engaging (& Fun!) Disaster Preparedness for the Entire Family (& Teachers!)

Images from website C’mon… admit it. If you’re like most of us you aren’t all that prepared for a disaster, despite repeated warnings from government agencies and disaster relief organizations who have been nagging you to “Get Ready for Disaster!” Truth is, most of us would rather not think about it… let alone spend time preparing for it. But what if you could involve the whole family in the process? And what if it was interactive and fun? That’s the idea behind the website. It provides a graphic-heavy, text-light, interactive & playful space for you and your kids to engage the powerful, life-and-death ideas related to disaster preparedness. 

A Quick Overview of the Website

Created by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the site presents bite-sized chunks of well-illustrated content that will help you prepare for these types of disasters:

  • Blackouts
  • Drought
  • Earthquake
  • Extreme Heat
  • Floods
  • Home Fires
  • Hurricanes
  • Landslides/Debris Flow
  • Space Weather [Yep!... that says "Space Weather!"  Who knew???]
  • Thunderstorms & Lightning
  • Tornadoes
  • Tsunamis
  • Volcanoes
  • Wildfires
  • Winter Storms/Extreme Cold

For each disaster, you’ll learn what to do before, during & after, as well as key concepts (words to know, facts, etc.) related to that disaster. In addition, you’ll get specific guidelines on how you can:

  • Make a plan
  • Build a Kit
  • Know the Facts (about each disaster type)
  • Get Involved (lots of links to disaster/response related agencies & organizations)

There are also interactive games, PDFs, tools & links specifically tailored for:

  • Kids
  • Parents
  • Educators

One of the most interesting and engaging offerings from the site is The Disaster Master Game, which takes the form of an interactive graphic novel. It can help you figure out how to survive wildfires, tornados, hurricanes/blackouts, home fires, & much more while you work through 8 levels & create your own printable graphic novel! So now you have no exuse to procrastinate. Get the kids together and visit this amazing interactive website today. You’ll have fun… but most of all you’ll get READY for the unthinkable!


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